Nine9 Reveals 6 Tips to Launch Your California Acting Career

Acting and modeling are tough industries to get started in. While California has more opportunities than many other states, it is still challenging and many people give up. If your dream has been to make it big as an actor or model, don't be one of those people. It is possible for you to achieve your dream with hard work and perseverance. Here are 6 tips to help you achieve your dream of becoming a professional model or actor.

1) Networking

If you want to be successful as a model or actor in California, people need to know who you are. Take every opportunity you can to make connections with others in the industry. This could include working as an extra, getting a job on set, or volunteering. Politely introduce yourself to others and share a brief version of your story when given the chance. Be careful to avoid talking about yourself too much. Make sure to ask questions and look for opportunities to learn how others have found success.

Work on developing relationships. You never know when you are going to meet someone who has the right connection. However, make sure you are also giving in the relationship. Look for opportunities to assist others along their path as well. People can tell if you are being genuine or not.

2) Take Classes

If you want to be a professional actor or model you need to become a professional. Find workshops to attend and classes to take. There are an abundance of learning opportunities around California. Never allow yourself to think that you know everything. The more training you have, the more confident you will feel when at an audition. Workshops and class are also a great place to make connections.

3) Get Head Shots

Aspiring actors need head shots and aspiring models need a composition card. You will need to present it at every audition that you go on. You need professional photographs, do not use selfies. Drink plenty of water, moisturize your skin, and get a good night’s sleep. Avoid getting a tan or spa treatments right before your photo session so your skin has a chance to heal. Wear a fitted shirt and keep it simple. Avoid all black, all white, or bold patterns. You want the focus to be on you, not what you are wearing.

Practice your smile. If you are an aspiring model, practice your poses. Be confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

4) Go to Every Audition

Do not miss a chance to go to an audition. Even when you do not get the part, auditions are great learning opportunities. Use your time waiting at auditions to make connections with others in the industry. Always be on time or early for an audition. If you are not able to make an audition, always call. Being a "no call no show" will ruin future chances that you could have had. Auditions can take time and you might spend a lot of time waiting. Always be patient and never act like you are annoyed or rushed.

5) No Job is Too Small

Remember that no job is too small to get started. There are very few people who start out with leading roles or large modeling contracts in California. Be willing to take small roles. They will give you experience, help you make connections, build your portfolio, and help pay the bills.

6) Get help

If you are looking to get started in the acting or modeling industry in California, Nine9 can help. Founder and CEO, Anthony Toma, describes it this way, "The name Nine9 represents the 99%. So, the World is all about the 1%, and everybody knows all about the 1% and the elite... 99% of aspring models and actors don't have an agent or agency representation. Nine9 represents those people that are looking for representation and don't have it. We provide marketing materials, tools, and resources for everybody. The 99%."

Nine9 is not a talent agency, and they will not take a commission from your earnings. The company has branded themselves as an UnAgency. They will help you with each of the steps above. They will help you get portraits to use for your head shots and comp card. You can attend monthly workshops to improve your skills and network with others. They have software that will help you find the castings and auditions that are a great match for you.

If your dream is to make it big as an actor or model you need a plan, and Nine9 wants to help!

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