Suspected Street Racer Sentenced in Fatal Crash

A 24 year old man, Alfredo Perez Davila has been sentenced to four years in prison for his role in the tragic vehicle accident that happened last year. Davila was driving a silver Chevrolet Cobalt northbound along Crenshaw Boulevard on January 15, 2016 when he began racing Anthony Leon Holley in a red Camaro. Davila lost control of his Cobalt and swerved across several lanes of traffic before hitting the median divider and sailing into Southbound traffic. Tragically, the Cobalt struck a Honda CR-V and instantly killed Benny Golbin, a 36 year old music teacher who was on his way from his job at Children of Promise Preparatory Academy to teach a music class in the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District.

Even though Davila's car was badly damaged, parts of its transmission were found in the Honda, Davila was unharmed and was arrested at the scene of the accident. The Camaro continued driving, but Holley turned himself in later. He pleaded no contest to felony hit and run charges, and accepted a plea deal. The plea deal stated that his charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor if he agreed to testify against Davila. Holley has previously served more than three months in jail, and he was sentenced to probation starting on July 25. Davila also took a deal by pleading no contest to a lesser charge of gross vehicular manslaughter instead of murder.

Golbin is described as being a much loved teacher. He was a professional saxophonist who had been performing for more than 15 years. He recorded a solo jazz album, a holiday album, and was almost finished with recording his first contemporary music album. His friends and family are disappointed in what they consider to be a lenient sentence for the death of someone they love.

Street racing has become a problem in Los Angeles County, and police officials have begun calling for agencies to work together in order to end it. Dozens of investigators from different police agencies from around the area have met in an effort to reduce the occurrence of street racing in the area.



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