Suge Knight Is Back in Court Again

From the very top of the front page of the L.A. Times Website today, the infamous rap icon and perennial thug, Suge Knight, is back in the headlines in a big way. Anytime you see Suge Knight in a newspaper or on the Internet in a column, he is usually in an orange jumpsuit inside of a courtroom. Today, August 3, 2017, he appeared in his usual attire for the photograph. Many people who have followed his past press coverage will look at the article without even reading it and assume he either threatened someone, beat them up or held them over a balcony to extort them. This article is no different, and Suge Knight has successfully typecast himself in the periodical section. He has gone after a bigger fish this time even though the fish is probably quite passive.

The photo you readers saw in the source link is Mr. Knight standing in courtroom in the famous downtown Los Angeles Courthouse. A long time has passed since his days of being a big shot for N.W.A. and helping to create Death Row Records. He is now 52, but his age has not slowed him down as seen by the complaint the grand jury indictment accused him of. The complaint is officially for allegedly threatening death of harm. The term allegedly is used because he did plead not guilty. What makes it more interesting is the alleged incident leading to the indictment for threatening death and bodily harm happened on three years ago on Augusts 8, 2014.

Mr. Knight allegedly threatened F. Gary Gary. F. Gary Gary is well known in the entertainment industry. In fact, he has done it all. He is an actor, movie director, movie producer and music video producer. His hit 2015 film, Straight Outta Compton, was about the legendary N.W.A, so Suge Knight was portrayed in the movie. This charge is one of many serious charges Suge Knight is dealing with. The most serious charges are for murder and attempted murder stemming from a single incident caught on camera. The camera shows him driving a red truck into two men while he was supposed to be filming a commercial. He plead not guilty to those charges as well and claimed self-defense. Additionally, it was a hit-and-run because he fled the scene but eventually turned himself in. This happened while he was out on bail for a robbery case.

Marion 'Suge' Knight still has support and people that love him though. As he was sitting in court for this, he had the love and support of his son. His son had a shirt with "Free Suge" on it. He will have many more opportunities to wear it.


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