Lime Crime Just Launched 8 New Unicorn Hair Dye Colors

Lime Crime is a popular makeup brand with a loyal following. The company recently released eight shades to their collection of semi-permanent dye products for hair. This event has cause a lot of interest and activity on social media. There is a lot of fun gossip spreading about these newest colors, and even more speculation as to the future of the product line. Right now, these newest colors are now available on the market for customers to enjoy. This is the culmination of three years of developing, and the response has been overwhelming.

Earlier in the year, the company released the initial offerings after building up a lot of excitement. There were thirteen shades offered during the initial release, and some of these colors were completely sold out within the first few weeks. This success prompted Lime Crime to continue developing its color palette, which makes the latest release all the more exhilarating for fans and customers.

Unicorn Hair Formula

Lime Crime’s new products are now offered in two distinct formulas as detailed by The first is called Full Coverage, and it saturates the hair completely by using a strong pigment base. This is popular with young people who enjoy the bright and lively color, but it is also provides a total saturation for people who just want to experiment and have fun for a weekend or holiday.

Customers can enjoy the following styles of temporary hair dye:

1. Moonchild: This is a tint that gives the hair a pastel appearance with lavender overtones.

2. Cloud: This tint dye offers a nice light blue hair dye effect.

3. Kawaii: The popular pastel violet tint is always a favorite for parties and special events.

4. Mint Ice: This is another hit tint that offers a subtle frosted mint appearance.

5. Tweet: This chick yellow tint dye is also ideal as a touch-up for blond hair.

6. Valentine: This is a full-coverage crimson red dye that can give the user a taste of the life of a redhead.

7. Bubblegum Rose: This pink full-coverage dye resembles the bright color of popular gum.

8. Aesthetic: This is a full-coverage mauve dye that is suitable for any occasion.

Statement from CEO

The Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, is as excited about the release as the fans of the popular hair product line, remarking, “I cannot wait to see how our unicorns rock these new shades!” The enthusiasm for the product has been present from the beginning, Deere added, “Unicorn Hair was my hair dye dream come true, and I am thrilled Lime Crime fans love it as much as I do.”

These hair products work best on bleached hair that has received an even treatment. They are appropriate for seasoned hair professionals and experimenters. Each style has a unique look that will complement a wide variety of fashion styles. The original shades are now supplemented by these latest additions, and fans can freely experiment with the color combination of their choice. This ability to create a form of self-expression is one of the core values of Lime Crime’s founder. The company has been steadily releasing products for more than seven years, so more shades can be expected in the future.

Lime Crime, Los Angeles

Lime Crime is a company that is focused on developing hair products that convey an ethic of freedom, self-expression and independence. The company is organized in a manner that encourages innovation and trend-setting. This allows Lime Crime to offer new and exciting products that encourage users to enjoy the creative freedom that comes with self-expression. Although these products can also be useful for concealing grey hairs and other cosmetic problems, they are primarily marketed for their ability to bring out the energetic and creative energy of the user.

Every shade is designed to begin with vibrant and saturated colors before fading in a natural and organic way. The company is proud to advertise these products as certified and cruelty free from animal experimentation. At this point in time, there are 21 different shades now available for customers to enjoy. Lime Crime maintains a website with an ongoing blog, and fans can also follow Lime Crime on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.


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