Golden Gate Frogman Swim participant honors fallen brother

Charlie Orbell plans to take a swim. Deciding to take a swim is not unusual for people in the Southern California area. People who live in the Bay area can go to beaches year round. Few people choose to take a swim in the cold waters of the Bay. A one and a half mile swim may not seem impressive until the water temperatures and currents of the bay are considered. When Orbell was asked about what profound thoughts he might have before the event, he said that one of them will be that the low water temperature of the bay.

His second thought has nothing to do about swimming. It deals with the purpose of the Golden Gate Frogman swim. He wants to do it for Navy Seal’s foundation. The money raised for the swim will go to the families of deceased seals who were killed when their Chinook helicopter crashed six years ago. The event took place six years ago. Bill Orbell, Charlie’s brother, rode in that helicopter.

Many loved ones have lost relatives in the war on terror, but Orbell wants to do more than remember his brother. He wants to give back to the people who have done so much for their country. He called the Seals the heavy hitters in the war on terror

The Golden Gate Frogman swim is not the first such event to be held across the country. It does represent the expansion of what had been a local event until this year, according to the San Francisco chronicle. The Navy Seals foundation began the money raising event as the Tampa Bay Frogman swim. If the San Francisco event succeeds in its fund raising goals, the event may be held in other areas of the country. Anyone who wants to join Charlie Orbell and others in their fundraising efforts, can sign up on the event’s website.


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