Strangers Assist Others Involved In California Car Accident

Car Accident

There are still good people in the world as was demonstrated when a group of people responded to an accident involving a big rig on State Route 125 in California. The group started working to get people from the vehicles involved in the accident before firefighters and other emergency personnel showed up on the scene. The accident occurred on a Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, a young girl and her mother were killed in the accident. There were also six other people injured, one being a 6-year-old who now has a broken neck.

Witnesses saw that the big rig started swerving on the road and hit two other cars. One of the people who responded to the accident was Andrew Norris. He was less than 200 feet behind the accident when it happened. As soon as he saw it, he ran from his car to try to help those who were injured as it only took about a minute to get to the crash scene. There was a thought that the truck jackknifed before he heard screaming from one of the vehicles.

The woman screaming was a mother who was trying to get help for her daughter. Norris could hear the young girl crying inside the car. When Norris looked inside the vehicle, he saw that there were two children inside. The youngest child was alright, but the 6-year-old wasn't breathing and required CPR. She is the passenger who has a broken neck. Norris then proceeded to check on the other vehicle involved in the accident. Two sailors were trying to save the people inside, but it was too late as a 29-year-old and her mother died as a result of their injuries. The driver of the big rig was found on the floor of the truck, and the passenger was in the back of the vehicle. If it were not for the heroic efforts of those who stopped to help, then there could have been fatalities at the scene or after passengers were transported to hospitals.


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