Pyramid Lake Finally Reopening to Swimmers

After three weeks of being closed, officials in Lebec, California plan to reopen the iconic Pyramid Lake on Saturday.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports on the conditions of the lake (not to be confused for the lake of the same name in Nevada that had also been closed not long ago), having recently been closed due to toxic algae bloom in the water. While tests reveal water toxicity levels are still high enough to warrant a cautionary threat level instead of a full warning, they have fallen to such a degree that it is safe for swimmers and boaters to once again partake in activities in the water.

The initial closing came after two parents, caught unaware of the toxicity level warnings that had been issued previously, claimed their 15 month old child grew sick after exposure to the water in Castaic three weeks ago.

This would not be the first time Pyramid Lake had been closed in recent memory. Late April of last year saw the closure of the lake to boats, though only for about a week to work on a nearby power plant.

According to the state Department of Water Resources, those who intend to return to the lake "should remain cautious of potential blooms". While the official designation is only a caution rather than a warning, officials still urge that swimmers not come in contact with any of the distinctive blue-green algae for their own safety. This warning is especially imperative for small children and pets who would be more affected by the toxins.

Additionally, the department also noted that the surrounding beach, Vaquero Swim Beach, is still closed due to higher levels of the toxic algae present there as opposed to other areas of the lake. There is no word on when this closure may be lifted at this point in time, though residents hope it will be soon.


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