Two Californians Win 2017 US Open of Surfing

The 2017 US Open of Surfing was held this past weekend at Huntington Beach Pier in Huntington Beach, California, and by the time the event finished on Sunday, Californians had plenty to celebrate after locals came out on top of both the men's and women's events. On the men's side, 19-year-old Huntington Beach surfer Kanoa Igarashi used his local surfing knowledge and patience to score the best ride of the entire event on his way to winning the event and becoming the US Open Champion. Ventura's Sage Erickson also won the women's event to ensure that Californians took top spot in both the men's and women's events for the first time in many years.

The event was especially significant for Kanoa Igarashi, who became the first local Orange County surfer to win the US Open of Surfing since Brett Simpson won back in 2010. After being knocked out in the semifinals two years in a row, Igarashi finally took things even further this year and finally earned himself a spot in the finals against Brazilian surfer Tomas Hermes.

Coincidentally, Hermes was the one who knocked Igarashi out of the semifinals of last year's event, but this year Igarashi was more than ready. Despite small waves and long intervals threatening to turn the final day of the event into a wash, Igarashi was able to make the most of what he was given to finally beat his rival and earn his first career US Open of Surfing title as well as the $100,000 prize and bragging rights that go along with it.

Small waves plagued both riders throughout the final round. However, Igarashi remained patient, biding his time until the perfect way finally came in. When that wave did come in, the local Huntington Beach favorite definitely took his chance. On his first ride of the final round, Igarashi cruised his way to a 9.64 score, which was the highest score of any individual ride. This high score immediately put Igarashi out to a huge lead, which Hermes was unable to catch despite his best efforts.

On the women's side, Sage Erickson also ended the weekend by winning her first ever title on the World Champions Tour. In the final round, Erickson was faced up against last year's US Open winner, Tatiana Weston-Webb of Hawaii. However, before reaching the finals, Erickson first had to go head-to-head with another Orange County surfer in the form of Courtney Conlogue, who had previously bested Erickson just a week ago during the Supergirl Pro tournament in nearby Oceanside.

Needless to say, some locals were disappointed that Huntington Beach's own Courtney Conlogue couldn't quite pull off the win. However, Igarashi's eventual win and the fact that Erickson is at least from California means that locals still had plenty to celebrate once the dust finally settled on the 2017 US Open of Surfing.

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