Landlords Want Rent After Homes Are Destroyed In Harvey

Even after Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston and destroyed homes and caused flooding on roads, landlords still want tenants to pay their rent. There are families who have lost almost everything that they own because of the hurricane. They don't have a way to get to work. Some people don't have a job to go to any longer because the buildings were damaged by flood waters or wind. That isn't stopping landlords from demanding the money that they feel that they deserve.

Residents who live in Houston feel that this isn't fair because they haven't been able to work to make the money to pay rent or other bills that are due. There are some who are trying to stretch the budgets that they have so that they can get new furniture for homes that aren't destroyed. They are trying to get basic items, like beds and couches. Some residents had to flee their homes in a short time once they started to see that the flood waters weren't going down. Families throughout the region have children who need a place to live. Many people have been rescued by the American Red Cross, police officers, and volunteers.

Even though many things have changed for families in Houston, they are still faced with making sure the rent and utilities are paid. Some utility companies are forgiving bills for the month, but landlords don't have the same views. Rent is being paid for homes that people can't live in any longer. Late fees are being added to payments. Landlords are telling tenants that there are other people in their situation. That doesn't offer any kind of assistance in getting homes repaired or finding the money to pay the rent and other bills. Officials with the city and the state are looking at these demands and are trying to figure out ways to intervene.


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