Heat Got You Down? Prepare Yourself For Some Relief

If you live in Southern California this summer has brought you an incredible amount of heat. With temperatures that often surpassed the 100-degree mark, you may have been overwhelmed with just how hot it had become. It could have caused you to become a bit of a homebody because you wanted to do everything in your power to avoid the heat wave. If this sounds familiar to you, relief is on the way.

Dailynews.com recently reported that the record breaking streak of heat which has blanketed the Southern California region is expected to lift just in time for Labor Day. Instead of the almost unbearable heat that you've dealt with in the past week, you can look forward to cooler temperatures that may make it just a bit more feasible for you to go outdoors.

One reason why the hot days of summer were so difficult to deal with is because of the intense humidity. The combination of a hot day and heavy humidity is a serious duo. The humidity cranks up the heat so it actually feels like it's much hotter than it really is.

Some relief could be found via the rain showers that poured onto the area. Feeling the refreshing water rain over your skin helped to take the edge off of some of the pressure felt from the hot climate.

Based upon this, if you're thinking about grilling outside for Labor Day, you might want to go ahead and solidify those plans. The forecast calls for cooler temperatures that make it much easier to enjoy a day in the sun. Just remember that although lower temperatures are expected, it's still important for you to be careful. There is a weather advisory in place that is designed to let you know when it's unsafe for you to be outside. Pay attention to this warning and enjoy your holiday!


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