Will California Fight for Illegal Immigrants?

One thing we know is that the state of California and Jerry Brown will have something to say about the latest move by the Republican Party to deny the young immigrants the legal status in the US. This is because the state and its officials have in the recent past promised to make the state a sanctuary state. California is one of the states that fought for the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. However, this program is set to end after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration is seeking to implement a new program. As for Jerry Brown and other Democrats from the state, they feel that the program has impacted the US economy in many ways. A survey conducted this year by the Migration Policy Institute which is a nonpartisan revealed that the state of California has one DACA eligible case in every four cases. The participants of this program in the state are found in the Central Valley’s agricultural counties. As for the Los Angeles County, it has the largest number of eligible children for this program. The study found out that close to 180,000 residents dwell in Los Angeles County.

In a letter dated 24th August, the California governor said that the country would be turning their backs on these children if they decided to uproot them from the only country they call home. He also expressed the move as cruel thus pleading with the president not to withdraw the program. Jerry Brown said that the move goes against the principles on which the United States was founded on. He said that people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and John Adam would not approve of such inhumanity. The only thing that we know is that should the state of California decide to help the immigrants, it will be difficult for them as these are deep waters that no one has trended on in the past. With the program, there is a six-month notice after which the immigrants will be rounded up and deported. At the same time, their work permits will be revoked. The state of California will likely move to court to overturn the order by the administration. As for the attorney general of California Mr. Xavier Becerra, he noted that the state was prepared to fight for the DACA program. 20 states including California had written to Trump requesting him to consider the lives of these kids.


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