Dodgers Get Blown out by Rockies

The Los Angeles Dodgers could do no wrong until two weeks ago. They were winning games at a pace that had never been seen before in the history of Major League Baseball. What a difference two weeks can make when it comes to the fortunes of a baseball team. The Dodgers have now lost 12 of their last 13 games after a 9-1 thrashing at the hands of the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers just cannot seem to do anything right these days. They are now the polar opposite of the team they were before this horrible two week stretch they are currently going through.

The Dodgers had been victorious in all of Clayton Kershaw's previous 16 games that he pitched. That streak came to an end on Thursday afternoon. It was one of the few times all season when Kershaw did not pitch well. He gave up four earned runs while not being able to get the final out of the fourth inning. Kershaw did not have his usually brilliant control. He walked three men. This is a walk total that it usually takes Kershaw three or four starts to amass.

The poor play of the Dodgers has fans and the media concerned. The playoffs will start in less than a month. It is true that their playoff position has not been jeopardized by their recent bad stretch. However, fans of the Dodgers are worried that a truly great regular season might end with another quick exit from the playoffs. This is something that has happened far too often in recent years. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is doing his best to remain calm. He keeps saying during post game interviews that even the best teams go through stretches like this. He believes that it is impossible to avoid two weeks of bad baseball when you are playing for six months. However, it is clear that his frustration with his team is growing.

The Dodgers had a 21 game lead on the Arizona Diamondbacks earlier this season. That lead has been trimmed to 10 games because Arizona has been winning almost every day. Dave Roberts said that now is not the time to start worrying. A lot of the Dodger losses can be attributed to the fact that the Dodgers have been resting many of their best players. This is a luxury they have thanks to their huge division lead.

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