Hit And Run Ends In Pregnant Woman Losing Baby

A pregnant woman lost her baby after an accident in Oakland, CA. Officers are investigating the accident as a hit and run as the person who caused the incident fled the scene. One of the victims of the accident was six months pregnant at the time of the crash. She was rushed to the hospital. Doctors performed an emergency C-section to deliver the baby. Doctors were hopeful that they could save the little boy, but he later died.

The accident occurred on August 27. Surveillance videos in the area recorded details of the accident that officers are hoping will lead to an arrest of the person who left the scene. There is a clear picture of the suspect's car as it headed east on Bancroft Avenue. The video shows that the driver hit two pedestrians. Timothy Wilson was interviewed and gave information about his fiancé being one of the victims in the accident.

Wilson and his girlfriend lost their first baby together because of someone else's carelessness. Wilson's brother was with his fiancé at the time of the accident. The brother's shoulder was broken, and he had several fractures throughout his face. The girlfriend had a broken wrist and leg because of the accident. She also had to be put on life support to keep her alive after losing the baby. Wilson is thankful that the two are alright. However, he wants the person who caused the accident to turn himself into police. The driver didn't have to continue the road. He could have stopped to see if the people were alright. Friends and family members have started a fundraising campaign to try to gather money for the funeral of the baby and to help with medical bills for the two victims. The police department in Oakland is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the driver.


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