California Is Going To Use Cap And Trade Revenue To Fund Clean Buses, Trucks, And Cars

Climate Change

California Governor Jerry Brown is serious about climate change. He is the picking up the slack that President Trump left behind when he got out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Brown is hosting his own climate change summit in California in 2017, and several political leaders and environmentalists from other countries will attend that summit. But Brown is also taking steps to make the air in his state a little cleaner. The state’s cap-and-trade program which requires businesses to buy permits to emit greenhouse gases until 2030 is in full gear. Brown’s loyal lawmakers just extended that program. Brown wants the lawmakers to approve a $1.5 billion spending plan that would put more clean buses, trucks, and cars as well as other vehicles on California roads.
If Brown gets his way, and lawmakers pass the legislation, more than $895 million will be earmarked for new vehicles. That money would include $85 million for farm vehicles, $140 million for electric car rebates, and $140 million would go to the state's ports. Fire prevention, forest management, and emergency response would get $225 million from the cap-and-trade program, according to an article published by the LA Times. Plus, the program would include $18 million for weather proofing low-income homes, $46 million for urban forestry, and $15 million to restore California wetlands.
The $1.5 billion spending program does not include another $900 million that isn’t up for a vote. That money is automatically used, according to an established annual formula. There is $375 million in that annual formula for a bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
Governor Brown also signed a bill that will make smoking marijuana while driving or riding in a vehicle a fineable offense. Anyone caught smoking weed in a car will have to pay a $70 fine, according to the LA times. California will begin selling marijuana for recreational use in January. The new law also bans consuming cannabis edibles while driving or riding in a vehicle. Consuming edibles or smoking weed while driving is a similar offense to the open container laws that are on the books now. Another California bill would stop marijuana packaging from appealing to children, but Brown vetoed that bill because he is drafting new rules that will keep children away from marijuana.


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